Weddings in Mallorca

Mallorca is an extremely popular destination for wedding blessings. In Spain, Marriage is a civil matter, but those who have married (in Spain, the UK, or elsewhere) may have their union blest either within the Church of St Philip and St James in Palma, or at another ecclesiastical building, subject to the agreement of the officiant.

Many venues are also used for wedding ceremonies including beautiful churches, stately homes, hotels, villas and gardens. These all come at a cost and are in addition to the Anglican Church fees.

The service the Anglican Church in Palma can provide, is always that of a Wedding Blessing. The civil ceremony must have been performed in your home country before the Wedding Blessing can take place. The Wedding Blessing is not a legal ceremony, it is the blessing of a legal ceremony.

The ceremony can be as formal or as informal as the couple prefer. It can include the giving and receiving of unscripted personal vows. It can include music, poems and readings from others. The creation of a Wedding Blessing Ceremony is a personal choice which can be helped and guided by the Wedding Coordinator of the Anglican Church and the Priest.

The key elements to a wedding blessing is the bride and groom making a commitment to one another through vows and the giving and receiving of a ring, or rings. The community gathered around (family and friends) commits to support them in their union, and prays for them; and the marriage is blest. The fees for wedding blessings in 2024 is 800 euros. This is in addition to any costs attached to using venues other than the Palma Church. The fee may be paid in cash, or by Euro or Sterling bank transfer.

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