Palma Nova Anglican Church

Palma Nova Anglican Church is based at the Upper Room Christian Fellowship premises at 8, Calle Paris, Palma Nova.

It is the newest of the four Anglican Church communities on Mallorca and is there for anyone who wishes to attend.

We hold regular services of Sung Holy Communion on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning at 11.30am and usually followed by a cup of coffee in O’Neil’s Bar next door afterwards.

The service include hymns, prayers, a short sermon, and the chance to receive communion as together we worship almighty God.

At the Palma Nova Anglican Church we are also happy to offer space for baptisms or wedding blessings although given the space these would be for small numbers of guests.

My thanks to the good folk at The Upper Room, who allow us to use their premises in this way.


Chaplain Reverend David Waller
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