Georgie Insull Singers

Georgia Insull Singers

The Georgie Insull singers use the fantastic facilities of the Anglican Church in Palma

The Georgie Insull Singers work closely with the Anglican Church in Palma, augmenting the Church Choir (all of whom are in the G. I. Singers) at all important Church Festivals – Christmas, Easter, Harvest, Remembrance Day to name but a few.

The singers meet to rehearse in the Church on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 to 9.00 pm before adjourning to the local bar for a drink and chat.

In September of each year Georgie Insull holds auditions for those interested in joining the Singers. The ability to read music is desirable but not essential and if you are interested do please speak to Georgie and let her know about your voice.

The Georgie Insull Singers have a high expectation of the commitment of its members. They sing for Church Festivals, Weddings and Funerals.

They have been singing at weddings for all of the 11 years they have been in existence and have sung in churches big and small all over the Island.

They offer a complete service – Organist, Soloists, Choir etc. to enhance the ceremony.

The Organist plays gentle Wedding-type music for 10 or so minutes before the Bride is due to arrive – she plays for longer if the Bride is late !!!

She then plays the “In” or Processional music (or the choir sings if chosen), she accompanies the hymns, anthems etc. and then plays the “Out” or Recessional music.

The choir sings the hymns lustily to encourage the guests, and sing anthems and songs of the Bride and Grooms choosing. They have a website :-

where you can listen to some snippets of their singing and where you can read a little more about them.

Georgie can be contacted directly on 00 34 639 750 240 or email her below.

New members of the Singers are always welcome.

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